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Bonsai Turntable 12"
This turntable has a large 12' diameter top, made of hard plastic - perfect for the greenhouse or outdoor use. Easy to clean and maintain. Great for when working & displaying Bonsai. Grained top surface reduces slipping and is made with black ABS plastic.     ..
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Bonsai Turntable 7.25"
The construction of this turntable is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Steel ball bearings are well protected from moisture to resist rusting, and a large coin-slot screw provides ready access for cleaning and maintenance. A convenient thumb-screw locks the table in the desired position when working & displaying Bonsai. 6” diameter grained top surface reduces slipping and holds over 25 pounds without binding. Black ABS plastic. 7 1/4” diameter top; 8” diameter base; 1 5/8" ..
Fertilizer Cups
Use these inexpensive brown plastic cups to keep birds away from fertilizer cakes that are exposed above the soil when the Bonsai is outside. Package contains 10 cups.     ..
Soil Scoops with Screen
This 3 piece nesting sets of soil scoops are available with screens (17 meshes/inch ), as shown, and without screens. Screened version sifts out finer dust than the 6103 sieve set. Scoops are made of polished stainless steel, and all are about 6 1/4” long with base diameters of 1.5”, 1.75” and 2”.     ..
Soil Scoops without Screens
Bonsai soil scoops without screens     ..
Soil Sieve Set
Our sieve set consists of a 12" diameter by 3" high stainless steel frame with three interchangeable screens of 4, 5, and 10 meshes per inch. Use to grade soils for layering and to remove fine compacting dust that inhibits proper drainage. Price: 26.95   ..
Based on 1 reviews.